Safe Levees – Fiscal Sensibility

As a life-long resident of Sacramento, I have seen first hand the effects catastrophic flooding can have on communities, neighborhoods, businesses, and families. As a resident living within the floodplain, I wish to continue my work ensuring that the levees that protect us remain strong and impenetrable.

Our levees need to continue to be properly maintained, protected from erosion and supported by the numerous local, state and federal agencies that must work together on a moment’s notice to respond to emergencies that threaten our safety and our levees.

I have over 30 years of community service to Sacramento. I have chaired the Sacramento City Planning Commission, the City-County Housing and Redevelopment Commission, the Mayor’s Development Oversight Commission and the Sacramento Private Industry Council. As a current Trustee of the American River Flood Control District, I have worked hard to obtain federal and state funds for flood prevention, ensured our levees are well maintained and highly secure and worked to facilitate cooperation among flood protection entities.

If re-elected as a Trustee of the American River Flood Control District, I will continue my efforts towards a safe flood control system for everyone. I would appreciate your support on November 6th.